Classes + Workshops + Webinars

I double-dog-dare you to join a class (yup, I do)!


4 Reasons Classes Are Cool

You’re invited!  Let’s connect, relax, laugh, unwind! Discover fantastic new recipes, solutions, motivation, and inspiration!

100% NOT yo’momma’s classes! Sarah’s classes are relaxed, interactive, informative, fun… delicious and delightful, too!

I’ve got you covered! Materials, handouts, and samples are provided.

Everyone’s doing it! Make it a mom’s night out with your friends or branch out and learn something solo!

Cook + Eat

Join me for a live interactive class and explore healthy, fresh, organic, plant-centered cooking.  You will leave inspired, with a full belly and all the recipes in hand!

Explore: Kombucha, Desserts, Mocktails, Family-Friendly Meals, Eat for Energy, SSS (Smoothies, Salads, Soups) + more


Come to a Laughter Yoga class and enjoy an awesome hour of playful laughter exercises, rejuvenating yoga breathing, and restorative meditation that’s proven to:

  • strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure
  • reduce the negative effects of stress
  • improve mental alertness
  • enhance blood oxygen levels and boost circulation
  • help you feel good by releasing endorphins 

Laughter Yoga is adaptable and accessible for all ages, stages and physical abilities. Tap into the exercise plan that is effortless and fun!


So much to explore, so little time!

  • Clean Eating
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Kids Health
  • Thyroid Health
  • How to Quit Sugar
  • How to Boost Your Immune System
  • How to Use Essential Oils

Make and Take Classes (essential oil blends, natural skin care, natural cleaners)

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