Reset: Your Seasonal Detox Solution

Feel Better, Sleep Deeper, Get More Energy, Lose Weight!
Whatever your reason, this is your Reset and this is your Season.

5 Solutions This Program Offers

Feel better by cleansing 4 times a year with this popular, proven, fast, fun program that fits your life.

Enjoy time-saving, tasty recipes that showcase seasonal food.

Explore daily detox tools that help your body flow through transitions.

Experience the beauty of gentle, effective, whole-food cleansing that easily incorporates into even the busiest routine!

No calorie counting or deprivation here! Includes everything you need!


The Perfect Fit

7, 14 or 21-Day Whole Foods Cleanse for all ages + stages!  
You get ALL THE MATERIALS and YOU CHOOSE the length that works for your busy life! 
7 Day Prep Plan, 7 Day Detox, 7 Day Transition Plan
Mix and Match them for a custom experience!

Real. Tasty.

If you’re expecting a recipe guide riddled with restriction, then this is not for you.  Real RESULTS happen when we honor Real LIFE.  The Seasonal RESET does just that.

Nourish your body with seasonal food and simple shifts as you work through this surprisingly delightful plant-based detox. 

Every little thing

  • You get a step-by-step detox guide.
  • You get recipes, recipes and more recipes.
  • You get suggested meal plans + shopping lists.
  • You get guidance — group coaching is included,
    but many bump it up to the VIP experience that includes THREE 30-minute private coaching calls!


What You Get

Digital Downloads

You get the goods delivered direct to your inbox, so there’s
no need to wait
(unless you’ve chosen a guided group date!)

Your materials include:
Program Guide
Shopping Lists
Daily Progress Worksheets


Proven Method

I created the Seasonal Reset to give your body a break every couple of months, to support digestion and focus on great nutrition.

The Reset removes the 8 most common allergenic foods. We replace those with the freshest seasonal foods that are packed with nutrients and fiber.  

Email Support

I’ve got you covered everyday in wonderful ways; daily email support is one of them!

Your daily email includes action steps, tips and bonus strategies to help you get the most out of the Reset.

Think of this as a 2-minute touchbase with me every morning!


Private Group

You’re in.

You’ve got a tribe.

We’re your people.

This is where you’ll find me for group coaching,
for questions, for extra support, for motivation and inspiration.

Catch FB Live sessions, bonuses and private invitations to exclusive Reset Tribe events. 



What makes this program different?


In the RESET, we’re ditching fads, fasting, pills, and powders, and focusing instead on improving your digestion. You’ll eat whole, seasonal foods that are designed to support your body’s natural processes of detoxification and cleansing. 





To ease seasonal transitions and give your body what it needs for optimal health, we need to peel back basic burdens, focus on foods that nourish and fuel your body and avoid the ones that don’t.

The RESET is a safe and effective detox based on the elimination diet.

  Release your fears
about dieting and deprivation.  


If you love real food, whole food, easy/quick/good food… if you love simple solutions and need something that will fit seamlessly into your busy life, then THIS IS FOR YOU!   




RESET results show in many ways! 

You may experience an increase in energy or you may feel less fatigued.

You may hit your weight goals with more grace & ease

Your relationship with food may become less of a battle and more of a partnership.




The Seasons


Winter begs us to focus on warming, grounding foods that nourish the 
Kidneys and Adrenals.

We eat comforting soups, stews and filling fats to support immune health and decrease stress.

Our emotional focus is Fear.


Spring is a season of new life. It’s damp and cool.  We focus on the Liver and Gallbladder.

We eat baby greens and root veggies and we use bitters to stimulate digestion. 

Our emotional focus is Anger.


Summer is hot and dry.  It is the season of sweating.  We focus on the Small Intestine and Heart.

We eat raw, fresh, juicy fruit and veg.  We drink water and work to balance excess heat.

Our emotional focus is



The warm days and cool nights of Fall bring Back to school energy and germs!
Focus: Lungs and Colon.

We eat the bounty of apples and pears and late season garden crops. Cooked food comforts.

Our emotional focus is Grief.



Q & A

Q: Who are you and what qualifies you to run the 21-Day Reset?

Hi there! I’m Sarah Meier Lawrence and for much of my adult life, I struggled to find the magic formula to keep my autoimmune disease at bay, escape chronic inflammation, joint pain and a lifetime of thyroid imbalance and keep my body fit and healthy.

Thing is, I found that there’s no ONE thing — there’s everything.  Health Coaching helped me pull together a personal plan and changed my life!

I see so many people in the same boat I was in.  That’s why I spent years getting certified as a Holistic Health Coach, Energy Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner… all to create an approach that blends cutting-edge science with traditional wisdom and transformative coaching so there is no guesswork — there’s guidance!


Q: What kind of food will I eat on this detox?

It’s simple: real, whole foods. Veggies, fruits, greens, seeds in incredibly tasty and satisfying soups, salads, smoothies, snacks, and desserts.   Now, you will eliminate sugar, gluten and grains, soy, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods for the 7-day detox phase, but you will not count calories or choke down powders and pills. 

The food choices are plant-based and free from the top 8 most common allergens.  Seasonally inspired recipes (created by a trained chef) are designed to reduce inflammation (the #1 cause of chronic illness) and support your body.   You won’t spend a ton of time cooking, yet you will be able to create tasty, tummy-pleasing plates that are nutritionally balanced and family friendly.  

p.s. you can add the protein of your choice to most meals, so even though I encourage you to try this as a plant-powered program, you CAN enjoy clean animal proteins if that feels best for your body!

Q: What if I live in a place that has different seasons than where you are?

Friend, it’s all good!  Choose the season that works for where you are.  Your email support will be aligned with the season you choose, so even though the majority of the group may be working on Fall when you’re working on Spring, you still get the benefit of a tribe that’s doing the daily detox thing,

Q: What if the guided group dates don’t work for my schedule?

No worries!  Because the materials are delivered to you digitally, you can hold onto them and start whenever it fits in your schedule.  It can be helpful to save the daily email into a separate folder in your inbox so you can find them easily and follow along when you start.  The Reset Tribe Facebook Group is available to you, so post there (make sure to tag me) and I’ll get you up to speed! 

Q: What if I’m not a Group kind of person? Can I roll solo?

If you’re a DIY Diva, it’s cool to roll solo… but I wouldn’t recommend it, and here’s why:  There’s something called Facial Recognition Theory that proves that when you see another person smiling or hear another person laughing, you are more likely to find yourself naturally smiling or “spontaneously” laughing. 
Don’t believe it? I bet the corners of your mouth turned up a little when you laid your eyes on the ladies happily sharing that watermelon over on the left! 
Point is, much like the Facial Recognition effect, being with others in a group setting makes you more likely to engage and when you engage, you become an active part of your own success.  
Let’s try this:  Commit to checking the group page every day during the program and go from there.  Decide how involved you want to be.  I mean… who knows… you might like it.  But, if you don’t, or if you KNOW in your bones that group work is just not your jam, then Private Coaching or the VIP Coaching add-on may be a better fit for you.  1:1 we can rock it out.  


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